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22 October, 2018
Our Community Centre,

Pictures from our Kourabiedes event

We are planning on having regular Greek cooking classes at our centre….keep checking back for exact dates and times.

UPDATE to Cooking Class for 22/10/18:

All are welcome to come, whether to cook or just watch. If you do want to cook and haven’t done so already PLEASE book your place so we can ensure enough work stations are set up.

For those taking part with the actual cooking, can we ask you also bring:

• An electric handheld whisk (if you have one), unless you’re feeling strong and fancy a workout at the same time ??

• A tin/plastic box to take your kourabiethes home

• We recomend you measure ingredients as best you can, we will also have some scales there if need be.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!!!


Kourabiethes Cooking Class

22nd October @ 7pm